#LoveBlog Day 3: A (real) Love Like Eric and Tami

Today’s #LoveBlog prompt is “Fictional love.  Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?  What TV couple is most like you and your significant other?”

Have I ever had a crush on a fictional character? Um….YES.  In fact, some of my earliest memories involve being in love with Johnny from Dirty Dancing or Richie from LaBamba (not fictional, but still not realistic).  As I grew older, my celebrity crushes grew to include musicians such as New Kids on the Block and sports players like (serious embarrassment here) Troy Aikman.  In college the objects of my pretend-affection were Kurt Cobain and Edward Norton.  A few years back, Joe and I noticed a trend in our crushes: we began to like the parents more than the kids who were meant to be the objects of our affection.  Isn’t getting old grand?

As far as actual character relationships I’ve admired, that’s a more difficult question for me.  Whether it’s in a book, show, or movie, it just doesn’t seem real to me.  No matter if it’s a new relationship being depicted, or something more long term, there’s not enough brutal honesty, eye rolling, and struggle.  Similarly, fiction can’t seem to capture the butterflies, comfort, and laughter of real love.

I suppose if I had to choose a fictional couple to compare Joe’s as my relationship to, I’d probably go with Coach Eric and Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights (the show, not the movie.  The show is WAY better).  Anyway, Eric is the high school football coach, and Tami is the school counselor.  They each serve as the others advisor in career matters.  While their lives are controlled by the demands of Eric’s coaching career, the two function as a team when making decisions about their home, especially where their daughters are concerned.  They are intense, honest funny, and real.  Tami Taylor is sassy and stubborn but has the firm grasp on reality in her marriage, spouting such wisdom as “You’re going to win, or your’e going to lose, and either way the sun is going to come up tomorrow,” “It’s my job to make sure you don’t grow up stupid,” and my personal favorite:  “I’m right 100% of the time; you can ask my husband.”  Eric is calm and firm wisdom, who sums up what marriage should be:

“I can tell you that your children and the mother of your children are the most important things in life.”

“Stick together.  It’ll all work out.” 

“Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

This wisdom and focus is what makes him a successful coach, husband, and parent.  It’s why he is the ultimate celebrity crush, and why they are the ultimate fictional couple.

While their are examples of handsome faces and gooey fictional love, it is this real couple who I think represents relationship goals.


*Notice:  I’ll be skipping #LoveBlog day 4 because I don’t like the prompt.  Valentine’s Day? Pffft.  Who cares?!? Real love is all the time.


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