Sad, Sad, Sad…

duckblogThose of you who know me probably suspected this post was coming.  I try so hard to stay away from these things, but Phil Robertson has been in my face all day.  Twitter and Facebook are on fire, teachers and students at work were talking about it, and my brother even saw some people with painted-on beards protesting at Wal-Mart. I have no choice.  I will write, or I will explode.

Like other similar events, I’ll take you through the progression of my thoughts on this topic.  First, I thought “What did he REALLY say?”  I did my research; it lead me to my next thought — “Yikes.  Bad business decision.”  I mean, he offers a product, and he just potentially ticked off customers.  The more I thought about it, and the more I read, I began to see A&E’s point.  No matter your side, when a person speaks as a representative of a company, and they say something that the company doesn’t like, they get in trouble with their boss.  It happens.  What people say, both in person and online, affects their jobs.

Since the afternoon was  particularly boring one, I had more time than usual to peruse what people were saying.  People were flipping out. Total angry chaos. I posted a thought-provoking video in hopes of making people see how silly our reactions sometimes are.   Wouldn’t “I only feel called to speak out socially when it affects my reality TV” fit right in as one of those?  I mean, our country is at war, and there’s poverty/hunger/crime/illness all around us, but the thing that fires us up is Duck Dynasty???  That’s sad.  And sadness is the one simple word that nails down how I feel about this whole ordeal.

  • I am sad that people care so much about the personal opinions of celebrities. (I’m sad that he’s a celebrity to begin with, but that’s another issue.)
  • I am sad to be part of a population who is shocked that this particular TV personality would say these things.
  • I am sad that people are more concerned with TV shows than their families and neighbors.
  • I am sad that we condone words from celebrities which would be considered bullying if they were heard in our schools.
  • I am sad that the Christians who get the publicity are the ones who seem to have forgotten one of the only two commandments Jesus actually spoke:  Love other people.
  • And most of all:  I am sad our society is too blind to see that this behavior, this whole ordeal, every aspect of it, every single thing I’ve read today,  the fact that I’m even having to write this post IS WHY AMERICANS ARE MOCKED AND HATED AROUND THE WORLD.  No one has to attack us because we do it ourselves.  We let every little thing divide us.  We don’t know how to leave each other alone.  We will turn our backs on the most important things — we will forget about Christmas even — to speak out publically about what we see as persecution of a semi-celebrity who we’ve never even met.  We are the epitome of sad.

Whether or not you fill up social media with your demands to A&E, trust that Phil Robertson is relaxing tonight atop a big stack of money.  Those of us who are over it would appreciate you returning to pictures of your adorable kids, your new haircut,  your Elf-on-a-shelf,  or your dinner. So please.  PLEASE.  Think about what you’re posting.  Is what you’re fired up about deserving of your attention?  Gay or not, Christian or not, sometimes the causes we lend ourselves to are pure silliness.  Somewhere in the world this evening is something or someone who is SO much more worthy of your energy and attention.  So find it.  I’m going to.


One thought on “Sad, Sad, Sad…

  1. I still don’t know what he said! But I love your writing and agree with your opinion on this. Let’s get upset about the legislator who wants free lunch kids to work for their lunch at school.

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