It is TOO early for this

I got some negative blog feedback today.  This doesn’t happen very often, I don’t think; because most of the time, I try to just get everyone to relax and see things from a realistic standpoint.  None of us have the answers because we’re all just doing this life thing for the first time.  Right?

I’m going to blame my poor reaction on two things:  the fact that I tried to stay up and watch baseball waaaaaay past my bedtime and saw the comment at 7:45 this morning and…..human nature.  My initial response was to call him a dick.  Who starts a political debate that early? (He had posted his comments at like 5 a.m. On a Saturday.  Is he on meth?)   I went on to try and rationalize with this kind fellow. (Catch the verbal irony there?)  He needed to know that I am, in fact, pretty damn educated and aware of the government process.  I also felt that I should point out that this political revolution of patriots he’s calling for is not going to be started by a mother of two young children.  Call me unpatriotic if you must, but I’m more concerned about spelling tests and soccer games than leading an overthrow of the government.  (I should also mention that this guy was either active or former military, went out of his way to indicate that I’m a lazy citizen,  and I am a little uncomfortable with the fact that he is very possibly armed.)

So, in true passive-aggressive fashion, I deleted the original link to my blog.  I had put it there for our common friend to see, not him.  He was calling me ignorant on our friend’s page, not mine.  I withdrew from the argument because I chose not to take his bait.  I can take negative feedback all day long if the person is willing to admit that they don’t like my opinion just because they don’t agree with it personally.  We don’t have to agree.  And you don’t have to read this blog.  But you can bet your ass if you speak out about my intelligence and civic responsibilities, I will blog about something you’re VERY ignorant about: ME.

So, let’s do this.

I see myself as just about as American as it gets. First, I was born here.  I was issued a social security card and took full advantage of my free public education.  I made A’s and B’s. I registered to vote THE DAY I turned 18 because I was excited to do it.  I got my Bachelor’s – for free – also making A’s and B’s.  I began a career where I am in charge of the literacy of 80-150 young people yearly.  I got my Master’s Degree having made only one B (asshole professor!). I consider myself exceptionally good at my job, which I consider exceptionally important.  No matter what those young people grow up and decide to do, I have impacted their ability to do it.

Moving on, I am married with two kids and two dogs.  I am teaching my children independence and responsibility.  We own our home. We have clean criminal records.  We don’t litter. We recycle. We had our pets spayed and neutered.  We pay our taxes every year.  We donate to charity.  We’re active in the church of our choice.  Our vehicles (one of which is an environmentally friendly hybrid) boast their current registration stickers.  Does it get any more frickin’ American than that?

Well, yes it does.  I vote in every election. I support and appreciate American soldiers whether or not I agree with what the current administration orders them to do.  I am addicted to staying up on current events.  I answer every ridiculous and exhausting political survey I’m faced with. I exercise my first amendment rights by posting to this blog which advocates for kindness and sound reason.  I am completely ok with my fellow citizens and what they think, read, watch, vote for, pray to, smoke, marry, etc.  Because THAT is America.

So this guy can call me patriotically lazy if he wants, but in reality, he knows nothing about me.  My patriotism manifests itself through education, happy children, and free speech. His manifests itself in a calling to overthrow the government for which he works. That’s fine.  Except he should know it may get him relieved of his military duties.  He should also know that his revolution isn’t going to begin by insulting me on Facebook.  All that caused was another post to my blog.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to drink some pumpkin spice coffee and prepare for my daughter’s birthday party.  Because it’s my right to do so.  Call me politically lazy, but I don’t have time for coups d’etat today.

Enjoy your Saturday! And WPS!


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