2013 NY “Tweaks”

Happy New Year!  I did absolutely nothing last night, and those of you who know me well probably aren’t surprised by that at all, but believe it or not, I got kind of sad.  There is something about a new year that needs to be celebrated.  Maybe not by bar hopping, or drunken dancing, but by doing something out of the ordinary or special something that you’ll remember as the way this year began.  On a positive note, doing nothing gave me a little time to decide what I want from 2013.  I like to think of them as New Year’s Tweaks rather than Resolutions.  Resolution is a commitment to make a big change, and I don’t really need that sort of obligation.  Instead, I’m going to list some minor adjustments that I hope to make with the goal of making this new year more enjoyable.

  • I want to write more — for fun.  As evidenced by the posts that I forget to share to Facebook (which never get read), this blog is more about me writing than you reading.  I get more joy out of figuring out how to say what I’m thinking.  It’s very therapeutic.  There’s also the notion I’m holding onto that someone will publish my writings posthumously, but let’s hope that’s not up for discussion this year.  I enjoy this blog, often I enjoy your feedback, and I want to spend a little more time here.
  • I want to read more — for fun.  It’s astonishing how little time I make for something I love so much.  I mean, part of my career is cramming books into the heads of young people in hopes that they miraculously are changed by one.  I should cram my own head too.  I want to look at my Kindle more than Facebook or Twitter this new year.
  • I will focus more on nurturing my greatest blessing — my marriage.  Joe and I spend TONS of time with our kids.  And I’m going to venture to say it’s probably too much time. While my love for immediate family is one of my parents’ greatest accomplishments and significantly defines who I am, I do remember my parents taking breaks from me.  They went to Branson several times, Hawaii once, concerts, dinners….they carved out time to be together. And 46 years later, they’re still together.  Joe and I are alone maybe 3-4 times a year.  Our kids will not suffer if we have a meal without them.  In fact, they’ll be elated.  They never stop begging to go see aunts/grandmothers/cousins/friends, so this year I will let them.  And I will date my husband.
  • I am hoping to adjust my attitude.  I am skeptical and cynical and sarcastic all under the umbrella of being realistic.  I’m sure it’s some sort of coping mechanism.  Whatever it is, I want to try to be a little more positive.  Nothing is ever as bad as I make it sound as evidenced by the fact that my life is as good as it is.  I don’t want to be a total downer, so I’ll save my witty commentary for those who know exactly how tender-hearted I am under this tough hyde.   This will improve my relationships with people who don’t know just how dang awesome I really am (bless their hearts).
  • I want to say no — to lots of things.  I need to learn to politely decline when asked to help with something I don’t have time for.  I need to opt out of an invitation to an event that I know I won’t enjoy.  I need to decline the bait for argument even when I feel like I could make some valid points.   To be as honest and assertive as I am, I’m overly agreeable, and sometimes I should just say no.
  • I will embrace this quirkiness.   The converse sneakers when they’re long out of style. The need to have a ponytail holder on my arm even when my hair is already in a ponytail.  My refusal to wear color on my lips. Musical taste that is so random it will blow your mind. Being uncomfortable with interruptions to my normal week.  It’s just me.  And at almost 30, I can say that it’s ok.
  • And the random smattering of cliché things that I can hope for:
    • Be a little healthier
    • Be a better friend
    • Pray more
    • Worry less
    • Clean up this language
    • Drink more water
    • And world peace.  Bahahahahahahahahahahaha.  Right.

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