30 Reasons Why I’m Over It

I know I’m supposed to feel patriotic about today.  But I don’t.  I’m over it.  So, in the spirit of the 30-Days-of-Thankfulness that is trendy in November, I’m giving you 30 reasons why I’m over this election season.

1. I’m not allowed to have an opinion at work.  Most people get into spirited debates at work.  Not me.  Most of my day is spent with teenagers who either don’t care about the election, or would run and  tell their parents I was corrupting them if I discussed my views.  I feel it is professional to be quiet with the students.  In the past, I have not had good experiences sharing opinions with coworkers either. People get sensitive and pouty and begin to think less of you if you speak up.  So I don’t.

2. Apparently I’m not allowed to have an opinion outside of work either.  I slipped and made one itty-bitty comment on Facebook about a political call I got, and people really lost their heads.  I don’t run around attacking people’s character, but I do question the actions of others occasionally.  In this instance it was questioning the use of one’s children in political campaigns.  Short story:  People blew it out of proportion and got all moody and pouty.  I deleted the comment.  For a little while, I thought it was just me; that people argue with me because they think I’m a doormat.  Then I realized it’s bigger than that.  People think that if they disagree with you, they MUST share their dissent.  Not true.  Not everything is an argument. And if it’s going to be, I’ll just keep my opinions a secret.

3. I haven’t had a human phone call on my landline in a month.  How do they get my number? Why is it never an actual person on the other end?  What happened to door-to-door campaigning?  I loathe the sound of the phone anymore because I know it will just be some slanted politician’s recorded voice on the other end.  Or maybe his kid’s. Ugh.

4. My mailman already hates his life enough.  This guy is a grouch.  I bet he sits at home and stews over the fact that he had to walk that Old Navy box all the way to my doorstep.  So I know he must be quite disgruntled at the fact that he has to put a postcard with a Senator photoshopped to look like the devil into my already crammed mailbox.  Give this guy a break.

5. As if we don’t already hate commercials, they’ve made those worse too.  I do not see the logic in a television commercial.  It’s taking something that is already unsatisfactory in nature and using it to try to get people to like you (or dislike someone else in this election).  If you want people to listen to you, pick something that can’t be fast forwarded through or used as a bathroom break.

6. I am awkward enough already without having to dance around the inquisition in my classroom.  You wouldn’t believe the number of students who have asked who I voted for.  I don’t know what to say when they as me how my day is going, much less who my choice for president it.  I’m ready for simple conversations again.

7. I have a headache.  Life is worse with a headache; therefore, elections are worse with a headache.

8. Nothing’s sacred anymore.  The election pushed its way into something sacred last night:  Monday Night Football.  What about all of us who were looking forward to a politics-free couple of hours of watching Vick flat on his back?  Nope.  It was wrenched from our hands by ESPN’s insistence that the candidates make an appearance.  Ugh. Can’t we just have one thing that’s untouchable???

9. I don’t like to be told what to do.  This extends to anything from what to eat to how to act.  And especially how to vote.  I like to make my own decisions.  And this election has been a whole bunch of bossing.  Yuck.

10.  People can be mean.  I don’t like seeing the worst in people.  I’m not normally surrounded by people calling each other racists or idiots.  Elections make that happen.

11. People can be idiots. See!?! #10 happens to me.  But it’s the truth.  Not everything that gets said is intelligent.  And I like intelligence.

12. Jesus loves both candidates.  Think about it.  He made them both.  He helped them both achieve great success.  And I am certain that he will be guiding whichever man wins.  God is not leaving the hearts of good Christians just because the election didn’t go their way.

13.  I wanted to vote on something cool.  Talan’s first grade class got to vote for issues that matter to them.  What did my son stand for at the polls: “Chocolate ice cream, more money, and less school!” I’m very proud.  I wish those options had been on my ballot.

14.  While voting is a privilege, it does not make me feel powerful.  The electoral college killed that for me in 2000.  Whatever is meant to happen will happen despite my vote, or sometimes even the country’s popular vote.

15. I will love my life regardless of the election.  The results are not going to take my loving family or my many other blessings.  In fact, they don’t have the power to take very much from me at all.

16. I want to hand-pick the president.  And in a way, when I look at either candidate, I am just a little bitter than I didn’t choose them.  Think about all the cool ways we could change the country if we REALLY got to select our fearless leader.

17. I fear for my kids.  It’s really hard for me to imagine a world where they’ll be criticized just for thinking.  But that’s the world I’m living in.  I try not to do it to others, but it sure does get done to me.  It makes me pretty bummed that people will do it to them.  When you start looking at those who oppose you like they’re your children it changes perspective.

18. I ruined supper tonight.  Like had my heart set on fajitas, came home, and had failed to turn he crock pot on, so the meat ruined from being out all day.  I want fajitas.  And right now, my growling stomach is way louder than any campaign speech could ever be.

19. Neither candidate came to Arkansas.  Why not? We’re cool here.  Our votes count.  I want to feel like both men see all 50 states as important, not just swing states.

20. Toothy grins creep me out.  Look at both these guys.  Have you ever seen so many teeth? And what are they smiling about?  You know this is stressful.

21.  I get all nostalgic when I think about the first election I voted in.  You know, the one where there wasnt’ social media involved.  See my blog about social media political silence here.  I don’t like the effect it has on relationships.  remember when we used to not talk about it? I miss that.

22. There’s enough fighting in my life.  A student asked me why I didn’t watch the debates.  I used football as an excuse, but the truth is that debate is an hourly occurence around my house.  I live with two kids who are 18 months apart, and two small dogs who think they’re kids.  I observe plenty of debate.  None from adults will be watched for fun.  Eew.

23. I’d rather read a book. Similar to voting, reading is also a privilege.  Not everyone has the freedom to access and read whatever they want.  It’s good for you, and it’s fun.  I’d rather lose my self in a well-written character’s problems than talk about things that will never be settled.

24. Other things are more important.  My niece is turning 16 this week.  My son has a spelling test coming up. It’s deer season.  All of these things are what life is REALLY made of.  Not  issues that are beyond our control.  I want to take care of my bird-in-the-hand.

25. Tension is bad for the immune system.  People arguing makes them tense.  Tension can make you sick.  Therefore, the election makes me sick.

26. Tonight’s election coverage is a bunch of people trying to fill up dead air.  They’re calling races with 0% of the votes in.  That can’t be accurate.  It’s like hours of “We don’t know yet, we don’t know yet, we don’t know yet…..”

27. I went to UCA.  Four years there is enough political discussion to last you a lifetime.  They practically ask you what party you side with when you register.

28. I’m tired.  You know people and subjects that just suck all the energy out of the room and leave you wanting a nap.  They election does that to me.  It walked into my life about a year ago, slowly began to monopolize conversations, and took over all aspects of social interaction.  Enough already.  I need a rest from this monster.

29. Too much of anything is bad.  Okay, so let’s assume that you enjoy a good-natured political debate (what’s that?!?).  That’s cool.  But this is everywhere.  My daughter and her friends discussed it at preschool.  It’s all over the papers, computer, signs, kids waving on street corners.  ENOUGH.  Moderation if you must partake.

30.  I voted over a week ago.  People should be exempt from any election talk once they’ve voted.  Early voting numbers would skyrocket, and life would be better.

Really, I do think it’s very important.  I realize that I”m so blessed to be American and to have the ability to participate int he government.  It’s just been a bit overwhelming guarding my feelings and dancing around the feelings of others.  The truth is I just love normal life.  And that will resume tomorrow no matter who wins.


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