My Take on Current Events

This post started as a quick rant in response to super conservative critics of 50 Shades and Magic Mike. I stewed some, and I now feel it necessary to sound off on a few hot-button issues. So, here they are: my opinions. Read and enjoy. If you see something you dislike or disagree with, I do not want to argue with you. You clicked my link; you can click the “x” just as easily. Here goes…….

What I think about the ongoing presidential election: While those of you who know me well are certain of my political opinions, I see myself as a realist where the office of president is concerned. I think we give the office more credit than it deserves. When was the last time in American history that a president single-handedly changed the lives of the American people? He’s just one man, and this is a democracy. He must impress the congress to get anything done, and it’s clear Obama hasn’t done so. Why in the world do we think Mitt Romney would be able to seduce a congress to jump across the political divide and agree with his every whim? He hardly has that type of charisma as a leader. No one does! Yet, we continue to get angry at the president when in reality, he doesn’t have the power to change things. So who cares who wins? Your healthcare, your marriage rights, your guns, your uterus, or whatever political cause you champion is not at stake until we get a congress who will work with the president to fix things, no matter who he is. All that being said, Mitt Romney can’t be that bad of a guy. I know nothing about him, though, except that he hates Obama. So does every redneck I went to high school with, but they aren’t deserving of the presidency. In conclusion, this election will come and go. I am ready for it to go because I will be okay no matter who wins. We all will be. Repeat after me: The president does not have the power to ruin your life.

What I think about the Colorado theater shooting: I have been glued to CNN since Saturday. I am reliving Columbine and Virginia Tech. I am the media’s dream when it comes to reporting bad news. Part of me thinks it’s because I’m fascinated by good (and bad in some cases) journalism. Part of me thinks my fascination comes from serving the general public every day at school, so I’m appropriately afraid of something similar happening to me. But most of me knows that these cases are a rare event where I truly have compassion. I might not care about your baby’s runny nose on Facebook or a melodramatic teenager at work, but this is really a tragedy. I think what happened is truly sad, and my heart honestly goes out to the victims, their friends and families, and the law enforcement and health care workers who are serving them. Here’s what might blow your mind, though: I think the shooter is a tragedy too. Yes, a part of me wants to crawl inside his head and psychoanalyze him Criminal Minds style. But mostly, he makes me sad. At what point did he stop being the sweet-eyed boy in his soccer picture and turn into the orange haired monster we saw in the courtroom? How, as a society, did we lose a proven brilliant mind to such madness? What happens in a person’s life that makes them take such a turn, to do such irreversible unspeakable harm? No, I don’t want him drawn and quartered; I want to understand him and pray for him. God doesn’t tell us just to love the lovable, and this is a prime example. Society let him down somewhere, whether it was lack of mental healthcare or access to guns (gasp!), he didn’t have to become what he is now. The truth about that shooting is that there are literally hundreds of people who deserve our prayers, and James Holmes is one of them. Now. That being said, I feel I need to address the conspiracy theories: Holmes’ evil was not the work of the Democratic Party, Barack Obama, The Illuminati, Lil Wayne, or Satan himself. It is not related the presidential campaign. It has nothing to do with media and Warner Brothers. It was just a bad event. Bottom Line: Bad things happen. All those involved need our prayers. We need to understand and try to prevent it happening again. Which brings me to…………

What I think about gun rights: Those who know me well know exactly how I feel about guns, but for the sake of a broader audience, I’m going to attempt to remain objective. Mass shootings make people question gun control. People are hurt and angry and calling for change. I absolutely believe that there is no law that will fix gun crime. There will always be guns; there will always be people who use them inappropriately. I feel like there is a misunderstanding when these people call for change after events like the one in Colorado. These people are not calling for a revocation of the second amendment. They are calling for an examination of what is working and what isn’t. In America, your guns will never be taken. I want that on a bumper sticker. I repeat, no one wants your guns. What sensible people want is to look at the laws and see if there’s a loop hole that a mad man like James Holmes slipped through. Because whatever your gun rights are, it was not his right to blast his gun in a dark movie theater. Now, all that being said, I have one problem with this entire situation, and it has nothing to do with guns. It has to do with people’s reactions. When you take to social media cursing everyone from the president to the families of the victims, you make yourself look like a crazy person. By defending your right to bear arms when no one is attacking it, you come across as an extremist. In the mind of the average American, you’ve stopped being a gun-toting good ol’ boy, and you’ve started looking a little bit like….well, a terrorist. You stop having an online personality, and appear to only care about one thing: protecting your gun rights (which aren’t being attacked) in a way that’s simply….well, crazy. People like me begin to picture you online frantically buying ammo for an underground bunker you may or may not have (but you act like you do) so that you may violently protect a right that no one wants to take from you in the first place. We see you battling these invisible gun thieves until they, and I quote, “pry your beloved guns from your cold dead hands.” Um, fella, that language is beyond cray-cray. The way you act protecting a hobby makes you look crazy. Crazier than…well, a movie theater shooter. So chill out. Let the authorities examine the laws, and as long as you quit acting like a gun-crazed mountain man, I bet you get to keep your guns.

What I think about Chick Fil A: On to yet another issue that I do have an opinion about, but objective Jamie will try to prevail here. I do not ask my hairdresser how she feels about abortion. I don’t press my child’s teacher for her opinions on immigration. My mail man might very well oppose Obamacare. But you know what? I don’t care a bit. They do not have to agree with me on the issues. Their role in my life is to style my hair, teach my child, and deliver my mail. So tell me why in the world I should care about the political opinions of a business whose purpose is to feed me chicken? I am surrounded by people on a daily basis who do not agree with me or with causes that are dear to my heart. I have friends who take part in things all the time that I choose to abstain from. The ability to coexist is essential to a happy life. If you are going to begin selecting stores and restaurants based on how they feel about controversial issues, you will find things very complicated. So, eat chicken, folks. And while you’re enjoying that peanut oil-fried delicious nugget of goodness, don’t ask what they do with their money. Because it doesn’t matter. Chick Fil A matters very little in the political world, and they matter even less in making God’s decisions. Live your life with the confidence that there will always be people for you and people against you, but only you get to decide whether or not you care.

What I think about Magic Mike: I enjoyed the previews. I like Channing and Matthew just as much as the average gal. Did I actually see the movie? No. “Why not?” you’re probably asking. My answer will surprise you. I skipped because I like funny movies and scary movies, and it didn’t seem to be either. That’s it. So I know very little about the movie I’m about to defend. But here goes my attempt to rebut all the crazed blogs I’ve read about it.

  • We’re opposed women strippers, so why would we watch men strippers? Women are used as sex objects in many movies, whether or not they are playing strippers. My husband drools over Megan Fox riding a transformer, for goodness sake. The fact that the men are strippers in this movie is irrelevant. If you’re basing your argument on sexual equality, I’m going to guess that you only like cartoons.
  • It is sinful to look at men other than your husband lustfully. Yes it is. And it’s sinful to judge others, tell white lies, and think bad thoughts. We’re human; we sin. This argument is based on the assumption that every woman in that theater is imagining sex with those men, and I don’t believe that. I think some of those women were just watching a movie that happened to have some cute guys in it.
  • When at that movie, you are giving another man attention you could be giving to your husband. Yes. The same could be said of me watching Disney Channel with the kids. Or trying on jeans at the mall.  Or ordering food at a restaurant.  I pay attention to many things throughout the day, none of which replace my husband in my heart.  I doubt a piece of low-budget film could accomplish that.
  • It introduces a crack into the Godly marriage that could lead to bigger problems. A marriage that can be cracked by a movie is hardly healthy to begin with.

If I had gone to the movie, I do not feel like it would have ruined anything. If Channing Tatum had magically jumped out of the screen and proposed marriage to me, he still wouldn’t be Joe. When your marriage is God-centered, and it is a true priority in your life, it cannot be damaged by a movie….Even a movie about sweaty muscular men who dance only partially clothed. Which actually sounds kind of creepy to someone as socially awkward as I.  Nudity is not my bag, but that’s another blog…..

What I think about Fifty Shades of Grey: I’m only on book 2. I’ve been told that I don’t get an opinion until I’ve read the whole trilogy. Here’s what I do know. These books are poorly written yet oddly intriguing. I dislike all the major characters, yet I want to know what happens to them. I do not feel that the books have affected my marriage either good or bad; however, from the conservative public assumption that they could damage my marriage, I have drawn three conclusions. One– I am not able to feel lustful feelings for a book character, certainly not one as flat as Christian Grey. Furthermore, when I picture the characters as I read, they don’t have faces. Why would I forego my marriage for a man with no face? Anyway. Two– If you are shocked by the sex in these books, you don’t read enough. I’ve read steamier, more realistic sex scenes in books that are actually of literary merit.  Three– Like with Magic Mike, if you actually have a God-centered marriage that is a priority to you, simply reading a book cannot harm it. And my response to the farfetched notion that reading these books takes away time from my family? I read these books at the pool while I watch my children splash in the water. Come on. Whose bright idea was that argument to begin with? All that being said, there is one aspect of the 50 Trilogy that is truly remarkable: These are books that have caused  women who hate reading to actually pick up a book. And to me, that’s cool. Reading a poorly written book is better than not reading at all.

What I think about Penn State: I actually saved this one for last because I think it matters least. All I have to offer here is my humble opinion. I do not think that example-punishments work. I relate it to Michael Vick. Did anyone stop dog fighting because he was sent to prison? No. Did young athletes stop acting like money-spoiled thugs? No. Did anyone bow down at the throne of the powers in charge in awe of their supreme power? No. Here’s where they got it right with Vick- They actually punished someone guilty.  Not the case with Penn State.  They’ve failed to punish the guilty, AND they’ve failed to make an example.  So when the NCAA and Big 10 swooped in with their punishment for Penn State, are other universities cowering in fear? No. Their actions only punish the innocent. Joe Paterno is dead, and Sandusky is in prison. Who’s feeling the blow of NCAA? Young athletes who thought they were getting a free education. Young students who wanted to love their school and get a reputable education, but are instead finding its reputation ruined. Did the punishment suit the crime? Maybe. It was certainly swift and severe. But, will it prevent other schools from covering up similar things, or prevent future Sanduskys from abusing their power? I don’t really think so. But guess what? No one has a right appropriate answer to this one either.

So there you have it. Over two thousand words of wisdom from yours truly. Take it for what it’s worth. Which isn’t very much, but it did save me from ranting via Facebook status, and for that you should all be thankful.


2 thoughts on “My Take on Current Events

  1. I completely agree with you on all of that. I’ve said the same things, that you’ve just out into a journalistic masterpiece. You, my friend, do in fact rock!

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