My (non-activist but still heartfelt) Response to ICUYG

My (non-activist but still heartfelt) Response to ICUYG

I am usually liberal; that is nothing new.  I’m the “hippy” in most social situations. While I do consider myself very opinionated and critical, I also see myself as open-minded, tolerant and congenial.  I’m Christian without a hellfire message.  I’m non-confrontational until forced to my breaking point.  I will dance around to avoid an awkward conversation, and I loathe thinking that I’ve made someone upset or that people are mad at me.  That’s a big part of why gay rights hasn’t been part of my personal political agenda. The other reasons are that gay rights have never affected me personally and that I live in an evangelical Bible-belt community.  THIS ARTICLE CHANGED ME.  It made me realize that being neutral is not enough.  Regardless of what the Bible says about sin, it says more about LOVE.  My job is not to judge, condemn, or argue (either side)! My job is to LOVE.  That is what Jesus wants from me no matter what.  The thought that someone (anyone!) goes away from me feeling unloved is my failure as a Christian.  “It’s not about what others do.  All that matters is love.”


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