Snow Day Fun

After a terrible Saturday with Joe leaving, we had a relaxing Sunday evening at home while snow started to fall outside.  I got the news that school would be canceled before I went to bed.  The kids got up around 8:00, ready to play.  Now, playing in the snow is something I don’t really get excited about.  Even as a kid, I’d go outside and force myself to enjoy it, waiting on the chance to get inside and warm up.  My mom never played outside with me, and I only remember my dad coming outside a few times.  Once our kids were big enough, Joe assumed the role of snow-player, while I would dry the snow gear and make hot chocolate.  Having a snow day while Joe was out of town presented me with a new challenge. 

I am proud to say that I successfully survived not one, but two (and maybe more coming) trips out into the snow with Talan and Tessa.  It was freezing, but it was fun to take pictures and video to send to Joe.  I miss him terribly, and I thought the whole time about how much fun he’d be having with us if he were home.  It might sound silly, but this snow day was a small victory for me.  It was part of discovering that I can fill roles as a parent that I never planned to fill.  In two short days of Joe’s latest trip to Nevada, I have cleaned up puppy messes, cleaned up Tessa messes, and played in the snow.  We’re going to be okay.  We will still count the days until our family is complete again.  Snow is a fun distraction from our incompleteness — and a needed reminder that I am stronger than I think.


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