This one’s been a long time comin’………..

So…..It’s not news to those of you who know me that I am a HUGE Michael Vick fan.  Have been for years.  Will be for years. He made me love football.   I shed tears over his incarceration, and I sent him a birthday card in prison.  So sue me.  I thought his talent going to waste was a tragedy.  

When this season began, I told my friends and family that I wasn’t hoping for a Super Bowl (which isn’t out of the question, actually), but that a Pro Bowl would be nice.  They laughed in my face and told me good luck. It seems like it’s going to really happen.  I don’t have to tell you that his performance so far this season has made me feel vindicated as a MV7 fan.  He has shown growth on and off the field.  I enjoy watching him play now more than ever. 

But, MY GOSH.  I cannot believe the things I read while perusing Sports News.  The media cannot seem to leave him alone and just let him play ball.  I will address this week’s  bad publicity in separate rants…..

1. Michael Vick has “announced” that he would one day like to own a dog again. — I will begin this section by saying that people who are shocked by his saying this clearly didn’t watch “The Michael Vick Project” on BET.  Because if they had, they would have heard him say over and over how sad it makes him that his kids can’t have a dog because of him.  Which is reasonable.  The whole “you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone” thing.  The fact that people really thought he’d live the rest of his life without even missing having a pet is silly.  Next, why does the American public think they can tell him how to live his life?  He served two years in prison, and he’s off probation in a couple years.  After that, he’s just like you or me.  He can live freely.  WITH A DOG.  Which is something he deserves a chance to do.  I would like to think he isn’t dumb enough to hurt another animal after what he’s been through.  And he’ll be watched very closely for the rest of his life because of his past.  Good luck to him and the new dog when it comes.  Because it SHOULD come. 

2. Michael Vick  purchased a $90,000 Porsche for his girlfriend. — Yes, he filed for bankruptcy in 2008.  Yes, he is on a plan to repay his debts.  What people don’t know is that the money for his debts comes out of his check BEFORE he sees it.  So what he’s left with is his own.  Also, he’s making millions of dollars.  Who’s to say the debts haven’t been paid?  Also, they’re acting like this is some floozy he picked up at the club.  They’ve been together for years.  They have two children together, and they actually got engaged last year.  She is actively involved in charity work in Philadelphia, and could probably buy her own Porsche if she wanted.  So whatever.  We cannot dictate what the man spends his money on.  He’s an adult.  He pays taxes.  So he bought a car.  Who cares? What’s next, a headline reading, Michael Vick’s purchased new shoes?  Not everything about him is the public’s business.  As much as nosey fans like me enjoy knowing what’s going on.

My point is, let the guy enjoy his life.  He paid the consequences for some pretty serious and terrible mistakes.  I think he really wants to do right, so why are people so reluctant to let him?  Why are you more inclined to be cynical about a comeback story than to be inspired by it?  All Americans (and FOR SURE all sports fans) should look at him and think Man! What persistence!  What dedication to righting a wrong! He is proof that in America, you can make up for past mistakes.

I forgive Michael Vick because I’m not perfect either.  I enjoy the grace of being able to try again when I fail.  I want others to do the same. 


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